Pestonji Cama & Albless Hospital & Jaffer Suleman Dispensary, Mumbai is the only hospital in Maharashtra exclusively for women and children with Oncology wing. The Pestonji Cama & Albless Hospital & Jaffer Suleman Dispensary, Mumbai is a teaching hospital included under the State Government’s Grant Medical College (which also includes J. J. Hospital , G.T. Hospital and St. George Hospital) . It is 505 Beded major public referral hospital exclusively for Women and Children and has been Serving the public since 1886 The hospital provides affordable patient care linked with teaching and research , not only for women and children from Mumbai , but also from other parts of Maharashtra and other states as well.

  1. In the early nineteenth century because of social taboo and other prevalent Conditions, during delivery, the women refused to be attended by male doctors that led to a high female and infant mortality and mortality and morbidity the country.
  2. In 1886, Mr. Pestonjee Thoramsjee Cama gave a donation of Rs One lakh for the Development of hospital, so as to provide care to the women an children to employ Doctor who experts in care iof ailments of the Women, to provide medical education to the Women .
  3. Mr. Kumar Suleman gave a donation to start Jaffer Suleman Dispensary which was inaugurated by lady Reay on March 1886. Cama Hospital was inaugurated By Lord Reay.
  4. On 30 th July, 1886 Pestonji Cama & Albless Hospital & Jaffer Suleman Dispensary, Mumbai was inaugurated by Lord Reay.
  5. Albless Obstetrics Building was inaugurated in memories of Mr. Bomanji Elegy Albless .
  6. Initially there were 68 beds for gynecology and other department, and 12 beds for Obstetrics department. In 1890, obstetrics beds were increased to 45. Special wards were increased to 24 Beds in 1890. Later, in 1937, When new room was inaugurated The Obstetrics Beds Increased To 45 And Different Wards Opened For Antenatal And Septic Cease. Today The Total Number Of Beds is Almost 505.
  7. In 1937, new labor room was inaugurated and obstetrics beds were increased to 45. Special wards were opened for antenatal and infective cases.
  8. In 1951, Jamannabai Desai Memorial Administrative Department and Surgical Department were inaugurated.
  9. In November 1969, Abdullah Fazalbhai Blood Bank Was Inaugurated .
  10. New 52 Bedded Cancer Ward Was Inaugurated in 1996.
  11. Radiotherapy facilities were established on 26th June 2001.
    1. There is an active cytology clinic providing service for providing for preventive and screening for early detection of cervical cancers. The cytology clinic is an integral part of women hospital to screen and detect early cervical cancers thereby helping in down staging of cancers and improving cancer control.
    2. The 52-bedded cancer ward was started In 1996. when the statistics of the cancer ward were analyzed, it was noted that more than 80% patients required radiotherapy either as radical or primary treatment. as an adjuvant or postoperative treatment or in advanced diseases as palliative or symptomatic treatment.
    3. Taking into consideration this need of radiotherapy for the treatment of these patients, the radiotherapy facilities at the Pestonji Cama & Albless Hospital & Jaffer Suleman Dispensary, Mumbai Were Established On The 26th Of June 2001.

The Department Of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology at Pestonji Cama & Albless Hospital & Jaffer Suleman Dispensary, Mumbai is Dedicated to the cancer women and children. The Department at present houses-

  1. The 780E Cobalt Teletherapy Unit ,
  2. HDR Remote Aft reloading Brachythereapy Unit.
  3. Computerized Treatment Planning Systems for both teletherapy and Brachytherapy
  4. Mould Room
  5. Simulator with DTI-Digital therapy imaging system has been recently installed

In our Department making it state of art Radiotherapy Center in a Government Hospital. Till date About 3000 Patients Have Been Treated At Our Center on Cobalt 60 Teletherapy Unit Daily About 65 to 70 Patients are Treated On Cobalt 60

  1. Teletherapy Machine, which is at par with some of the biggest centers. Till Date about 700 patients have been Treated by Brachytherapy Amounting to About 1500 Fractions Approximately. Quality Care and Treatment is Delivered to All The Patients At Affordable Cost and to the Lower Socioeconomic Strata People At A Very Nominal Cost.
  2. It is Our Constant Endeavor to Give quality care to women and children and offer Precision Radiotherapy to them at Affordable cost, No Compromise is made in the treatment Delivery To women and children treated at our Center.